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Minerals, Barium Sulphates (BaSO₄)

E & R specializes in supplying various functional minerals with our natural Barium sulphates as the most important product, or barite.

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Fluorescent Pigments

As Benelux distributor of the Dane Color Group Ltd. E & R supplies a range of innovative fluorescent pigments and products.

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ERNAT100®, Soybean Lecithin

E & R  B.V. specializes in supplying ERNAT100® Soybean Lecithin for various technical applications.

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E & R  B.V. supplies a range of functional and anti-corrosive fillers mainly for the protective coatings industry.

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Pigments & Additives

E & R  B.V. supplies mainly for the coatings, ink & plastics industry a diverse range of pigments and additives.

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Glitters & Special effect

E & R  B.V. supplies a very wide range of glitters, decorative glass beads and special effect pigments.

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E & R Chemicals


E & R Chemicals specializes in the distribution of functional raw materials such as pigments, fillers and additives with the focus mainly on paint, ink, coatings, adhesives and plastics industry. E & R provides innovative raw materials to the industry, supplied directly to the customer from our warehouse near Rotterdam.

As an exclusive distributor in The Benelux, we are active for a number of important specialists : Sachtleben Minerals, Deutsche Baryt Industrie, Dane Color Group including Sterling Industrial Colors & Swada and Blackbear Green Carbon.

In addition, we supply our own line of soybean lecithin’s for technical applications, under the name of  ERNAT100®


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Introduction ERNAT100RL®

E & R B.V. is specialized in lecithin’s for various technical applications. Under the name of ERNAT100RL® we introduce a lecithin from rapeseed for use in bio-based dispersions and emulsions. Read more ››


Introduction Albasoft Natural

Wet grounded white barite, produced of selected natural raw material, bleaching up to a guaranteed premium high brightness. Specially dedicated to applications with high requirements to gloss. Read more ››


Black Bear Cradle to Cradle Certified™ carbon black.

Black Bear announces that Black Bear’s carbon black has received an official Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Bronze Certificate. Read more ››



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