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The heart of each production, the homogenizing mixer

nieuws-homogenizing.jpg10 Apr

NETZSCH Vakumix GmbH from Bremen (Germany) introduces a new line of homogenizer mixers for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, personal care and related industries, under the name NETZSCH KappaVita

The new KappaVita systems comply with all industry-compliant regulations and can be used for :

  • mixing
  • homogenizing
  • emulsifying
  • dispersing
  • suspending
  • de-agglomerating
  • de-aerating
  • sterile production

For test purposes and system demonstrations, NETZSCH Vakumix has an extensive test facility near Bremen, Germany.

The new systems can also be viewed from 17 -19 April '18 at the In-Cosmetics Global Amsterdam trade fair, at stand No. J-160 

For more information: E & R B.V

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