EXAKT Technologies

EXAKT Technologies specializes in laboratory and small production 3-roll Mills and Ointment Mills.

3-Roll Mills are used in many industries for mixing, homogenizing and grinding of solid particles in a dispersion. In addition, 3 rollers are used in the production of pharmaceutical creams, ointments and ingredients and for the de-aeration of suspensions and fatty emulsions.

Exakt 3-Roll Mills are available with hard chromed, hardened steel rollers and high wear resistant ceramic rollers. In our test facilities in Vlaardingen & Norderstedt (D) we have various test & rental machines available. We can also, when available help customers with reconditioned equipment.

For more information: www.exakt.de

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Stoomloggerweg 1
3133 KT  Vlaardingen 

Telephone +31 (0)10 - 460 15 44
E-mail info@er-bv.com

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