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Confectionery - Online Interactive Seminars

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No limits for your Creativity!

E & R - NETZSCH Food & Confectionery is known for its innovative strength and a constant guarantee for innovations in machines and systems for the production of confectionery masses. This year we would like to share our innovative processes and solutions with you personally by offering our customers and prospects online seminars on a wide range of topics in the coming weeks.

We show highlights of our latest innovations in grinding technology e.g. with the MasterRefiner, as well as our MasterConch with the Rumba® process for the production of chocolates and compound masses or the most efficient technologies such as our MasterCream for pre- and fine grinding of nuts, oil seeds of all kinds.

Take part and simply secure your place in one of our interesting online interactive seminars.

We look forward informing you!
Your E & R - NETZSCH Food & Confectionery Team


9 Juni 2020
NETZSCH MasterCream - The Innovative Solution for Nut- and Rework Grinding                                                                                                                         

16 Juni 2020
NETZSCH Rumba - Efficient production of cocoa mass 

17 Juni 2020
NETZSCH MasterRefiner – Innovative grinding and production of confectionary masses

23 Juni 2020
NETZSCH Nougat - Nougat Production on innovative NETZSCH Processing systems                            

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