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EXAKT specializes in Ointment Mills and Triple Roll Mills for pharmaceutical, personal care and cosmetic applications.

For producing preparations of creams, ointments, gels and dispersions there is no equipment more effective than an ointment mill.  The EXAKT range of ointment mills deliver more control in making reproducible preparations . The process happening in the gaps is a function of the precise narrowness of both gaps and the speed at which the rollers turn against each other. 

The EXAKT 50 ensures the finest results and ultimate particle size reduction in topical, oral and suppository applications among others. This is impressively underlined by the fact that the EXAKT 50 is used in more than 30,000 pharmacies worldwide. Especially in the preparation of ointments and creams containing powdered or crystallized ingredients, the EXAKT 50 proves superior to even highly advanced mixing technologies. The machine is suitable for suspension ointments as well as for emulsion ointments or creams.

Even ointments containing coarsely crystalline substances can be processed with the EXAKT 50. Using extremely high mechanical shearing forces the machine achieves a distinctly finer result than what could be possible with mortar and pestle or any of the advanced mixing technologies. Due to the minimized particle size the solubility of the active ingredients is dramatically improved and the therapeutic value enhanced.

The newly introduced EXAKT 50EC+ with variable speed now increases that control. The benefits continue with an ointment mill that is very easy to clean. Removing and replacing the rollers can be done in seconds.

A larger and more substantial three-roll mill than the EXAKT 50 models is the EXAKT 80 with its greater production capacity. The larger diameter rollers, coupled with a more powerful two-speed motor, deliver the same high quality product as a 50 at three to four times the throughput rate

The new EXAKT 80E Plus, experience smart dispersion…

Smart Dispersion means you can:

  • Extensive digital controls and data registration possible
  • View real-time analysis of the dispersion process
  • Identify developing problems before they get out of control
  • Make quick and easy in-process corrections to stabilize the process  

With the EXAKT 120S-450 and the EXAKT 120EH-450, EXAKT  offers 2 real production machines for large-scale production.

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