Installation, commissioning and adjustment

Our experienced mechanics install, put new machines into operation and regulate your existing machines very accurately. All in accordance with quality standards set by the manufacturer and applicable safety requirements and regulations. Our technicians are VCA certified.

Maintenance & Repair

With regard to the maintenance of your machines, we offer extensive service possibilities including maintenance contracts and remote service. The success of your company depends on the continuity of your production machines. Reliability is therefore a must! Our experienced technicians take care of any malfunctions.

Information & Consultancy

In addition to consultancy on new projects, our specialists also provide advice on optimizing your process equipment, cost savings and making your machine park more sustainable, energy and cooling water savings, equipment maintenance, overhaul and upgrading.

Overhaul & Upgrading

In our workshop we overhaul various types of process equipment and we take care of the upgrading of mixing and kneading machines, dissolvers, dry milling systems, bead mills, triple roll mills and filling machines.

Training & Seminars

We regularly provide technical training and process related seminars at various locations. For more information, please contact us.

Test & Rental machines

We have a wide range of test and rental machines on available. In addition, our test facilities are at your disposal.

Toll Grinding

In cooperation with our partner NETZSCH Toll Grinding, we are able to take care of your temporary production, extra capacity, temporary requirements during replacement & maintenance etc. We can offer possibilities for both liquid and solid products. For more information, please contact us.

For service requirements, please contact us via:  Tel. +31 (0)10 460 15 44

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More information

For more information about applications and employability, please contact us.

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