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J. de Vree & Co N.V. Filling machines

Worldwide J. De Vree & Co N.V. has built up a solid reputation as an experienced supplier of filling machines for industrial liquid products. Our machines are known in the Benelux, esp. in the paint and coatings industry, for their reliability, fast format changes and short cleaning times.

De Vree designs and builds mainly volumetric and gravimetric filling machines, both semi- and full automatic.

Depending on the type of product, the packaging type, the desired degree of automation and the requested filling speeds, one of these types is chosen. More than 90% of our customers use volumetric filling machines. Volumetric systems offer a whole range of advantages over weight filling machines: they are much faster, more versatile and, if all parameters are correct, they are often even more accurate than weight filling machines.

Besides volumetric and gravimetric filling machines, De Vree also offers other filling methods, such as filling with mass flowmeters.

In addition to simple, semi-automatic machines, De Vree offers fully automatic lines with automatic feeding of the empty packaging, filling systems, lid dispensers and lid closing equipment. 

Some examples:

  • Half automatic weight filling machines.
  • Half automatic volumetric filling machines.
  • Automatic weight filling machines.
  • Automatic volumetric filling machines.
  • Other filling machines.
  • Infeed systems and pail de-nesters.
  • Pre-owned, fully reconditioned filling machines

More information about De Vree: www.DEVREE.com

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