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Introduction ERNAT100RL® Rapeseed-lecithine

E & R B.V. is specialized in lecithin’s for various technical applications. Under the name of ERNAT100RL® we introduce a lecithin from rapeseed for use in bio-based dispersions and emulsions.

ERNAT100RL® is a vegetable alternative to chemical dispersants and can be used in the production of paint, coatings, pigment pastes and in bio-agro chemistry. ERNAT100® (soy) and ERNAT100RL® (rapeseed) lecithin’s are highly effective dispersing and wetting agents and a natural wonder.

Very small particles can be emulsified and dispersed in water and solvent solutions. This makes Lecithin to an excellent dispersing aid for pigments, fillers and ingredients in  dispersions. We ensure consistent quality by tuning the raw lecithin’s viscosity to match the needs of our customers.

ERNAT100® and ERNAT100RL® are available in:

  • 200L standard drums
  • 1000L IBC Containers
  • Bulk Carrier

ERNAT100(RL)® is a registered trademark of E & R  B.V. The Netherlands

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