2500L High Speed Mixer with thermal jacket for processing minerals

Mixing, Drying and Sterilizing of minerals

A WINKWORTH 2500 Liter ploughshare mixer was delivered by E&R end of December to a Dutch producer of mineral raw materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

During the mixing process, a mineral raw material is heated to above 250c. Both the two side walls and the mixing cylinder are provided with thermal heating elements, which can reach the desired temperature in a short time. The machine is also equipped with a ceramic insulation jacket.

The mixer is fully made of stainless steel 316L and highly polished internally. The mixer is also equipped with three high-speed knife heads for breaking down possible agglomerates in the raw material and intensifying the mixing process. The Multi-Head knife heads and their drive are on a carriage construction and can be removed from the mixing installation if desired. The mixing installation is equipped with a complete PLC control.

The machine was recently installed and commissioned.

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