DISCUS INTENSIVE – a Quantum Leap in the Development for Agitator Bead Mills with Disk Agitators

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Based on a grinding disk geometry with additional activation elements and the use of wear-resistant ceramic materials with the highest thermal conductivity, a significant increase in production output, averaging approx. 30%, had already been achieved for these agitator bead mills in 2012. Now the grinding system has been modified again. For this new development, the main focus was on the grinding media separation and optimization of the residence time distribution.

While in the original centrifugal separation system the entire process area was divided into a separation zone and a grinding zone, with the new grinding media separation system the entire grinding area can now be filled with grinding media. This quite logically results in an increase in the grinding capacity which corresponds to the grinding media fill volume.

In addition, tests with various products have shown that the newly developed grinding disk spacers, in combination with the new grinding media separation system, reliably prevent a short-circuit flow of the product. For many production processes that currently require a two-passage mode of operation, this ensures that the required product quality can be achieved safely with just one passage. This results in possible increases in production output as well as, in some cases, far more than 100% of the required energy. Based on the product quantity, longer service lives, lower costs for maintenance and spare parts as well as enormous savings for the required cooling energy will be achieved.

Due to the enormous flow capacity, the new grinding system is very flexible for use in a wide variety of grinding tasks. The flow capacity demonstrated by the grinding system enables the mill to be used in both passage and cycle operation.

The NETZSCH DISCUS Intensive is available as test- and rental machine and we offer upgrading of existing NETZSCH LME systems to the new DISCUS Intensive configuration!

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