E & R supplies versatile NETZSCH PMD Dispersing Systems

E&R PMD systems

Acoustic dispersing...

E & R B.V. recently delivered and fully installed four large NETZSCH PMD VC3000 and VC5000 Liter dispersion systems at a Dutch manufacturer of highly viscous specialty coatings.

The versatile dispersing systems are equipped with an automatic, acoustic dispersing system, which is capable of automatically setting the correct dispersing conditions under all circumstances, such as the dosage of powdery raw materials, speed of the dispersing system, anchor agitator and height of the dispersing disc.

The PLC controlled dispersion systems therefore always disperse optimally and in the shortest possible time. Which results in significant savings in batch duration and energy consumption. The dispersion systems are furthermore provided with a vacuum version for de-aerating the coatings, an automatic CIP cleaning system, automatic dosing of solids and liquids and a weighing system.

In addition to the NETZSCH PMD systems, two NETZSCH Mastermix Dissolvers were also supplied with automatic control for the production of smaller batch volumes and specials.

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