NETZSCH Fine Impact Mill Condux® 60 – Smallest, complete Grinding Plant


The laboratory plant Condux® 60 is the smallest, complete grinding plant by NETZSCH which includes control unit, dosing, ventilation and product drum. During its conception phase particular emphasis was placed on ergonomic design, good access and easy cleanability. Moreover, the plant is equipped with castors to render it mobile and can fit through any door thanks to its compact dimensions (W x H 745 x 1775 mm). 

With the Condux® fine impact mill many different products can be processed.

Depending on the characteristics of the product to be ground, the laboratory mill can be equipped with various grinding tools (pin discs, blast rotor, wing beater) and stators. This machine is suitable for a wide range of applications and is the ideal solution for initial feasibility studies and for the manufacturer of small amounts of product.

  • Compact, mobile base frame with integrated switch cabinet
  • Product can be dosed by hand as the mill is installed at a comfortable working height
  • Grinding tools can be changed rapidly avoiding long stoppages and providing greater flexibility
  • Easy adjustable system
  • Optimum cleanability for easy product change
  • Operating voltage 230 V

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