NETZSCH MasterMix® Dissolver

Practical and well dispersed

The new NETZSCH MasterMix® Dissolver is used for dispersing solids into liquids. The product is mixed in batches in an exchangeable tank.

The dissolver is a fast, high-capacity disperser with a wide range of speeds and high level of efficiency. The product is accelerated radially by the dispersion disk, deflected to the top and bottom at the tank wall and directed back to the dispersion disk through formation of a vortex. Shear forces around the circumference of the toothed disk result in highly efficient dispersion, good wetting and de-agglomeration. For high-viscosity products, a tank wall scraping device can aid the mixing and dispersing process.

NETZSCH Mastermix Dissolvers are standard equipped with : Operator friendly push-button speed control via frequency inverter and speed indicator with automatic speed reduction, hydraulic lifting/lowering device, push-button stroke adjustment, an adjustable tank clamping mechanism, stainless steel shaft and dispersion disk, additional product-specific mixing tools are available depending on the application, manufactured in accordance with CE & ATEX guidelines.

Options are: Application-specific tank and cover designs, Vacuum design, Scraping device for tank wall, Temperature sensor, Timer, Design for ceiling installation with hinged head, Various explosion protection ratings, Special tank clamping mechanisms, PLC-controlled units with batch controller and load cells, CIP systems.


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